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Nour EL Gourna

Nour EL Balad


On left bank of the Nile, the shade of the date palms protects from the sun already burning the buffaloes which graze peacefully. Some felouques slips on smooth water of the blessed river of the gods while acacias assemble the chirps of the doves and the small green parrots. Just behind the cultures of cane with sugar, of corn and alfalfa which open out on the shore, the carts of the merchants, drawn by asses, mark hardly the arid and brown ground. The light opaline redraws contours of the hills of an iridescent halation. The village of Gourna is, faint there of heat but bruissant laughter of the children and women who activate themselves to wash the linen or to cook the sheets of mounouraya, kind of sticky spinaches, which the family will enjoy the evening with still tepid bread.